Yon-Shaku-Dama – ‘that’s what I call a firework shell!’

The World Fireworks Championship is the world’s biggest pyro-musical competition. It showcases the very best in pyrotechnic performance, but we do place limits on the size of firework shells that competitors can use.

So it is nice to see this fantastic video of the ‘Yon-Shaku-Dama’ the world’s biggest pyrotechnic shell. Amazing!

The shell is built by the Katakai Fireworks Company, and ‘fired’ at theĀ Katakai-Matsuri Festival, one of the many Japanese ‘Hanabi’ (flowers of fire) displays which take place each year between July and September. Definitely a great reason to visit Japan in early autumn.

Some interesting footage at the beginning of this video which shows how pyrotechnic shells are constructed – although it would have benefited from some commentary.

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