Year of the Goat starts with a Baa-ng

Chinese New Year arrives today (19th November – Gregorian calendar). There’s some debate as to whether it is the year of the ‘Goat’ or the ‘Sheep’ (or even the ‘Ram’) – hence the dreadful headline pun! But Wikipedia says it is ‘Goat’ so we are going with that.

Even if the animal is uncertain what is certain is that the New Year will be celebrated with fireworks and crackers.

We think most pyrotechnicians must be ‘Goats’¬†according to this description

They have very delicate thoughts, strong creativity, and perseverance, and acquire professional skills well. Although they look gentle on the surface, they are tough on the inside, always insisting on their own opinions in their minds. They have strong inner resilience and excellent defensive instincts.

Sounds to us like the qualities needed to successfully navigate the complex world of fireworks.
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