Fourth of July nearer than you think

There are some BIG days each year for fireworks. New Year’s Eve / New Year’s day when the whole world gets involved; Chinese New Year, when the Chinese diaspora celebrate; ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ in the United Kingdom; ‘Bastille Day’ in France. But of course one of the biggest is the Fourth of July in the USA.

No self respecting city or town fails to mount a display. San Francisco, and the Bay area, is no exception. There are in fact two displays in San Francisco one fired from the Municipal Pier, the other from barges in the Bay. So start planning ahead. You could couple a great holiday to one of the world’s greatest cities, with a fabulous night of fireworks. To find out more click here.

This looks like a great way to combine a great trip around San Francisco Bay with the fireworks.

Thanks to Norris Adair.


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