A personal perspective on fireworks

Most people love fireworks, but for some (including us) it is a real passion. A passion that usually starts in childhood, and grows over the years into an obsession. It can be difficult to say why it has such appeal… fireworks are certainly exciting… they represent a certain mastery by man over chemicals and engineering… but perhaps subconsciously they make us hark back to the distant past when our ancestors peered into the majesty and awe of the night sky and wondered what it all meant.

We are used to seeing supremely professional pyrotechnic performances presented in all their splendour, but it’s good to be reminded of the shear excitement of just setting up a display and firing it. We came across this fascinating article on National Geographic’s ‘Proof‘. It covers the work of Kevin Kundstadt as he took a personal look at the pyrotechnic community at a Pyrotechnics Guild International convention in Mason City Iowa.


 Images © Kevin Kundstadt

It’s a great article featuring some enigmatic and impressive photographs. Please do take a look at Kevin’s wonderful work.

The World Fireworks Championship is endorsed by the Pyrotechnics Guild International and if you have more than a passing interest in pyrotechnics we’d recommend you check out their excellent work, especially on safety and training.

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