Not the prettiest…but one of the best

It’s a website / blog that is largely dedicated to the L’INTERNATIONAL DES FEUX LOTO-QUÉBEC or the Montreal International Fireworks Competition as most of us know it. It may not be the prettiest but in terms of content and shear dedication takes some beating.

It’s the first place we turned to find out who will be the competitors at this year’s 2015 Championship. But as yet no news. Looks like the line-up and dates will be out in the Spring.

We’ve followed it for many years and it is the definitive guide to the Montreal Competition. Plenty of detail, great reviews and a good discussion on its forums, it’s content rich. Everything a good website ought to be.

It’s got a great section on how to photograph fireworks written by Robert Burch, which is worth reading if you want to know how Robert captures his stunning photos, many of which are shown on the website. Check out the 2014 photographs here.

We’d like to say a BIG ‘thank you’ to Dr A. P. Marriott who has run the website for many years. We love his work.

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