Pyrotecnico (USA) at Vancouver Celebration of Light

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, so there are a fair number of fireworks festivals taking place. Sure indicator that if you want to entertain a huge crowd fireworks are the number one choice. It’s said Vancouver’s Celebration of Light can attract 400,000 people on a night! We’ve been lucky enough to be invited to Vancouver and can attest that it is a great evening down on English Bay.

This display was the first of three at this year’s festival and was produced by Pyrotecnico of the USA. We particularly liked the sequence at around 08:30. A nicely balanced show, good use of the sky and a BIG bold finale – the way we like them.

The Celebration of Light is in it’s 24th year, which is a testament to how successful it is for the City of Vancouver. It is estimated that it contributes ‘$39 million in incremental tourism and hospitality spending each year’ – see this . We can believe that. The World Fireworks Championship is estimated to deliver in excess of $60 million. So as well as being hugely popular with audiences, fireworks can make a very significant economic return for their host city.

Thanks to ‘Butch’ for his excellent video.

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