Attending the Plymouth Fireworks Championship (2014)

Plymouth City Council, host of the British Fireworks Championship,┬áhave been kind enough to invite us to join them for the second night of the competition. Six teams are in competition over 2 days, each team giving a 10 – 15 minute display. It’s an exclusively British event, and prestigious for any company that wins. This year see the following competing.

Tuesday 12th August

Wednesday 13th August

With ex-hurricane Bertha having passed the UK, hopefully there will be calm nights for the competitors.

Although the competition is not a pyro-musical (fireworks set to music) one, like the World Fireworks Championship, it can attract crowds of up to 200,000, over the two nights, to historic Plymouth Hoe.

Our founder, Mark Wooding, a Plymothian himself, always cites the Plymouth Championship as one of his inspirations for establishing the World Fireworks Championship.

As they say… “May the best man (or woman) win!”.

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