Huge crowds watch Bastille Day fireworks at Eiffel Tower, Paris

A spectacular fireworks display, centred on the world famous Eiffel Tower, marked Bastille Day celebrations on 14th July in Paris.

The audience for the show is estimated at over 500,000, with millions more watching on TV. Here’s a taste of the display, and the audience reaction.

The huge crowds demonstrated yet again the incredible enthusiasm people have for fireworks, and that there is no better way to celebrate a major public event, than with a brilliantly choreographed display.

Marking the centenary of World War 1, the display was created by Christophe Berthonneau of the French company Groupe F. It demonstrated the great skills that go into producing a truly spectacular pyrotechnic performance.

It is just these creative skills that the World Fireworks Championship will demonstrate and will encourage, as six of the world’s leading pyrotechnic designers create unforgettable pyro-musical performances as they compete to be crowned ‘World Champion’ in the world’s largest pyro-musical competition.

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